For Partners

Dear friends, colleagues, present and future partners!

Today Lviv region, thanks to its favorable geographical position, is one of the most attractive investment and tourist regions of Ukraine.

Aerodrome JAGELLON has a very convenient location. It is located 32 km from Lviv, the cultural capital of Ukraine, and 55 km from the border checkpoint Shehyni (Poland). Its strategic location in the heart of Eastern Europe, technical characteristics of runways, combined with convenient transport infrastructure provide excellent conditions for the development of passenger, cargo, mail and agricultural aviation. 

We aim to develop the infrastructure for business aviation and make Lviv the air capital of Ukraine.

The new format of our Air Leisure Center JAGELLON has already joined hundreds of like-minded, fans of different kinds of sport and entertainment, associated with altitude and unlimited space, freedom and flight. 

We are looking to further development of JAGELLON with you!

Our dream is to make the best, powerful and interesting aviation center in Eastern Europe.

Let's build interesting future together!!!

Concerning cooperation and advertising call us:.
+ 032 295-97-37;
+ 38 (067) 625 97 37


Do you have your own business close to our concept?

Do you know how to develop the best infrastructure for recreation?

Are you interested in the rise of tourism activity in the region?

Do you have  business in recreation, tourism or gifts?

Would you like to hold regular competitions or shows in our area?

Do you have the idea how we can cooperate?

JAGELLON is open to new ideas, partners and trends!
We welcome your suggestions!